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These are just a few of the common questions we get asked before an appointment. If you have any more concerns please feel free to contact us!

  • "How long after shaving should I wait to get a wax?" We recommend waiting at least 2 weeks after shaving to get the best results from your wax.

  • "How long does my hair have to be?"1/4"or about then length of a grain of rice! 

  • "Can I wax or spray tan if I'm pregnant?" Yes! Both are okay to do while pregnant but if you're still a little concerned ask your doctor.

  • "I got my period should I reschedule?" You don't have to reschedule but it is totally up to you and if you feel comfortable, we can still wax you on your period as long as you are wearing a tampon or menstrual cup Just know you might be a little more sensitive!

  • "What should I do before a tan or a wax?" Please come in with clean skin for either service. For a tan this includes no lotions or oils, exfoliate before (this includes shaving) and getting any manis or pedis out of the way and skip deodorant as well. But please do not exfoliate the day of your wax! 

  • "What color tan should I get?" All of our solutions are amazing but if you have trouble deciding we can always talk about it more when you come in!

  • "I am on Accutane can I still get waxed?" Unfortunately it is not safe to wax while using Accutane or Retin-A. You must be off of any retinoids and Accutane for at least 6 months.